We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of both pipers and pipe bands all accredited through our International Highlanders Network. You will find details on ceremonial and wedding day pipers, pipe bands and full pipe bands below. All pipers in our network are personally auditioned and selected by ourselves in order that we know they meet our high standards and so remove the risk that is sometimes inherent when engaging pipers or bands via the internet, agents or other sources. Naturally they are all covered by our public liability insurance.

Ceremonial Pipers

A solo piper, two pipers or a larger group of pipers can add that extra dimension of uniqueness and memorability to any occasion and at any location. We provide both male and female pipers and with a few exceptions all our pipers wear the full traditional Highland dress ceremonial uniform.

The pipers can welcome guests to a function, escort guests into a formal meal, play around the tables after dinner, escorting dignitaries or VIPS arriving at an event or ceremony, play in the background during a reception and, of course, perform at sunset or the close of an event. A piper, or pipers, are also extremely effective in attracting people’s attention at a trade or sales promotional event. 

All our performers follow a strict code of conduct with regard to planning their performances, appearance, on site client liaison etc.

Pipe Bands

We are able to supply both military and civilian pipe bands of the highest standard of both musical efficiency and presentation. All the bands qualified to our standards are able to undertake marching displays that can be devised to suit your particular location and can offer a ceremonial ‘Beating the Retreat’ performance guaranteed to impress and entertain your guests or audience. This can be undertaken by one band or we can provide Massed Pipe Bands for a large event/arena and additionally provide civilian or military brass bands as a part of the total ensemble. 

We also provide ‘mini bands’ which comprise of either 7 or 10 pipers and drummers for indoor events or other events to suit a budget which may not allow for the engagement of a full band which would normally comprise of approximately 20 band members. 

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